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So Proud!!!

Recently I have been very busy with all the sports that are being played. Its really hard to sit still for too long due to the fact that when I get off of work, I come home, do some cleaning and its off to the ballfield or track field.

Matthew(Chris's son-ya know my new man...hee hee), is such a great athlete. I think I have told you that in an earlier post, but he is really commited to sports. This past week he went to lower state playoffs in Charleston. He ran so good. He ran his race and qualified to go to State. We head off this coming weekend to Lower Richland County High School for him to compete. We all will be there to cheer him on. GOOD LUCK MATTHEW!!...( I will post later with an update on the results)

The girls have a game tonight. Im not exactly sure who we play but what does that matter. It never does. They play and I cheer them on.

This post is short but I have to go clean a little before its time to head out again. Have a Great Day.


This morning as I was doing my normal morning talk with Hope, I made a comment about her not posting as often as she use to. Well, she replied "What about you?". So..I figured I could not let another day go by that I didnt blog.

I have been very busy lately. The softball, baseball and track games have been keeping all of us on the road and not at home. I love ball season. It has always thrilled my soul to see all the kids out there enjoying themselves. It doesnt hurt that Emily and Erica are playing and they just are great. Matthew (might as well say he mine too) is running track and playing baseball. The track meets and baseball games and practice have so far fell into place so we could do it all. All the kids have been doing their best. They get out there and are so headstrong.

Emily and Erica have been juggling positions this year. Emily, last year, played catcher all year. She got use to it. This year with all the "newness" with different position…